The CSR Advantage

Identifying, communicating and deploying your purpose to grow your business

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The CSR Advantage addresses your business’ next big challenge and how to turn it to an opportunity.

You can't ignore the fact that society is becoming more critical of businesses that fail to 'act responsibly’.

Patients and staff are looking at you for the hallmarks of a trustworthy business - positive work culture, environmental responsibility and a role in the community and with charities.

Whether you consider yourself ‘charitable’ or not, you cannot argue with the numbers - 88% of consumers now expect social and environmental responsibility as an integral part of every business - no matter how big or small.

Free Live Online Training Session and Replay

May 5, 2021
7:00pm UTC

This webinar will explain how CSR helps us create a responsible, purpose driven business where people love to come to work, and patients love to attend.

CSR is all about taking a structured, intentional approach in a carefully planned way, so that the business cares for its people, the environment and the community. It creates a deep satisfaction that comes from knowing that you are part of something which does the right thing - every single day.

With Mark Topley

I help leaders to create successful businesses where people love to work, and patients love to attend.

I work alongside owners and managers to help them create clarity, structure and momentum with CSR to win more business and lead more productive and profitable teams.

Chris Barrow - Dental Business Coach

“Mark’s subject matter is topical and relevant - employers, employees and (most importantly) patients/customers are becoming more discerning in the choice of who they hire, work for and buy from - and having a responsible approach to your community, environment and people is becoming a competitive advantage in the marketplace."

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